Why I just LOVE Reflexology

Why I just love Reflexology!
I love giving Reflexology as it is a truly relaxing unique Treatment.
It gives me an opportunity to help people in more than one way.
What is reflexology????
Reflexology is a foot massage that simulates pressure points that relates to different parts of the body.
The theory behind reflexology is to massage the reflexes points on the feet that are connected to the body. By doing so reflexologist is clears blockages  of the channels of the body.
To promote the bodies healing.
10 Benefits Reflexology
 👣 Boost relaxation
👣 Improves circulation
👣 Improves nerves to brain function
👣 Releases stress and tension
👣 Helps with PMS
👣 Can relieve pain across body
👣 Help with symptoms of depression and anxiety
👣 Can help symptoms of IBS
👣 Can help with insomnia
👣 Makes feet happy
If you have any questions about reflexology please contact me . Book your souls in for some loving
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