June 19 – Spine Health

As much as I love you guys coming to be regularly I would love it to be for relaxation purposes instead of for pain relief!

Here’s some hints and tips to help you look after your spine. So the next time you see me is because you want to rather than need to 😍

* Sleep tight !! * 
Your body needs a good night’s sleep to recover from the daily grind. 
Sleeping on your side is best.

* Stretch out *
Ever seen a dog or cat stretch out before moving after a nap?
Give it a go! Keeping flexible will maintain healthy joints. 

* Be active *
Keeping active keeps the blood flowing around the body. Keeping your spine mobile strengthens it and makes you less at risk of damage.

* Have a balanced diet *
Making sure you eat a rainbow of foods, will ensure your body is getting a wide range nutrients and vitamins, which is important to spine health. 

* Hydration *
Keeping yourself hydrated is important for spine health – each vertebrae has a cushion stopping them rubbing together and this is kept spongy with water. So drink up guys . (Actual water not tea or coffee)

Until next time! 

With Love,
Charlie x

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