Blog – Why I Became a Therapist

A year ago, I took a leap of faith and rented a therapy room.
I took that leap because I believed that not only would I help myself fulfil my dream but in doing so I
could also help others.
I’ve always felt drawn to helping others; for being a carer, a healer. For many years I worked in the
care industry, looking after people from many walks of life who had challenging needs. I had a keen
interest in working directly with people but could never quite put my finger on exactly how that
might be. I just knew I wasn’t in the right place yet.

So what made me choose natural therapies?
Well, in my own life, I have always chosen herbs over tablets or oils over creams and I truly believe that natural remedies, treatments and therapies, work; that if you spend a little time loving your
body, you can heal your body.

In the past, while struggling with chronic pain myself, I noticed that one of my clients, who was receiving reflexology regularly, would be dramatically changed in disposition after his treatment, becoming more comfortable, managing his pain much more easily and so becoming calmer and
more at ease.
This observation about reflexology sparked my journey into complementary therapies.

I’m a very logical person, so I was quite intrigued to learn how a foot massage could do so much and consequently, I spent many evenings researching and reading up on it all.
Then my decision was made. I signed up for a course on complementary therapies that included reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, and healthy eating and I happily discovered the wonders of an
holistic approach to life…and I loved every second of learning!
Becoming a therapist has changed my life.

Every second I’m learning, I find another reason to be alive. I’ve learned to love myself and to be gracious with everyday. I’ve learnt new skills that have helped me and I believe I’m here to help
others learn what ‘well-being’ truly is.
Stay tuned for another update from us soon…

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