What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is learning to be in the present moment, rather than chasing for the future or living in the pass. Being able to acknowledge and accept one’s feelings, thoughts, body’s sensations. Using this mindfulness jar will help you stay positive.

  1. Pick a nice jar or pot
  2. Get some nice coloured paper and pens.
  3. Find and write 10 quotes/affirmations you like
  4. Write 10 things you like about yourself
  5. Write 10 things you like to do, e.g. bubble baths, walks, meditate, draw
  6. Write 10 things that you love about your life.
  7. Cut each activity or quote fold and pop in the jar.
  8. Pick one in the morning or when you need a pick up.

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Gratitude is a good tool to use to help people to focus on the positive things in life. I use it daily to keep my mind positive side of life.

So what is Gratitude? It is the feeling of appreciation or thanks. There is many ways to bring this in to your life here’s two ways i use it.


A gratitude journal is a diary of things for which one is grateful.

This can be done daily or just when times are hard. I started to do this buy listing 3 things that i was grateful for. Making sure that they are different each day.


A gratitude poster is a creative way to express your gratitude to everything in life stating why these things are important to you.  Use bright colours pens and paper and framing it somewhere you will see every day. This can be done individually or as a family. I have this in front of my make-up dresser, my latest one is on why i love my body and how i can look after it.

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Go to sleep when you’re tired and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed. Listen to calming music and user a lavender hand cream and camomile tea for those people that struggle to get to sleep.


Make a happy place an oasis that you and escaped too. Create a space that is calming, clean, surrounded with happy things, pictures a favourite candle and music, a blanket. 


In this day and age it is only natural to focus on many things at once. Slow it down take a deep breath and focus on the task in hand.


You need water for our brains and nervous system to function correctly.


Get up open the curtains and windows let the sunshine in sunshine is great to boost vitamin d, get out and walk in nature. This will boost endorphins (happy hormones) collect happy reminders flowers shells leaves and pictures. 


Make a happy playlist for the day, one that sparks you to move, dance, and sing.

Make a calming playlist for bedtime and mediation this will train the brain to slow the body down ready for sleep.


surround yourself with uplifting people, plan a date, something to look forwards to laughing boosts your endorphins. Find a support group.


Improved self-esteem is the key psychological benefit of regular physical activity. Exercise nearly boosts most of the happy hormones. for example, Dancing, Gardening, Walking, House work especially sweeping, mopping or vacuuming, Low impact aerobics, Yoga, or Pilates. even if it’s only ten minutes a day getting the heart racing will boost your circulation and immune system.

9. Aromatherapy

Diffuse oils around the home, couple of drops in the bath or a couple of drops of your favorite oil on a hankie aromatherapy can has a great effect your brain and sometimes you can help change your mood. message me for more information.


If you fall in love with yourself you will be able to accept others love and help.  Face challenges will become easier.

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We all get down, but we struggle even more in the winter. Here are my top 5 tips to help you manage this winter blues!


Get Outside and get Moving

Get some fresh air in your lungs and blow away those cobwebs. Getting moving allows the blood to flow. Exercise releases the endorphins that make you happy, even better if you can get out in the sun. As the sun can help boost the body’s serotonin levels (happy hormone). So this perfect duo is my top tip to beat the winter blues.


Make Someone Smile

We all know how nice it feels to receive a random act of kindness, and that feeling can be doubled by being that person doing the giving. So, go one spread some love. It doesn’t need to be big, a cuddle, give someone a compliment, send a postcard, a small gift, pay someone’s bus fair, declutter and give to charity. Check out my Facebook stories for February’s spreading love activities.



I am the worst for this, honestly. I know how tempting it is to eat the things that give us that little endorphins hit (unhealthy foods sugar/fast food) but the come down can be harder to combat especially in the winter. So, try to eat a rainbow, make it fun, and give yourself a reward for doing it. Us humans stick to things if we have an instant gratification. Why not give the house a challenge, whoever eats the most fruit or veg that day gets a Fredo bar or even change it for a few squares of dark chocolate? We need to maintain a balanced diet so our bodies can absorb the vitamins and nutrition we need to balance our hormones. For example, vitamin B helps the brain produce serotonin.


Make Bedtime Routine

As adults we are the worst at this. Being sleep deprived can have a big effect on our mood.  We spend our whole childhood fighting against our bedtimes when really, it’s probably the best lesson given to us. As humans we have a body clock, back in the day of being cave people we woke when the sun came up and went to sleep when the sun went down which allowed our bodies to rest. Fast forward to 2020 were all living in front of a screens, trying to pack as much as we can in to one day, which leads up to falling into bed and not getting a quality sleep. Setting a bedtime routine allows our body to know it’s time to rest, time to shut off our auto pilot.  My bedtime routine is to have a warm shower, get in my pjs, have a warm drink, a safety pee and brush my teeth. I then get in to bed, set my alarm and give myself hand massage with lavender oil. Everyone’s bedtime routine will be different but just make it a routine, so your body knows when its time to sleep letting it be rest for your great day ahead.


Do Something for YOU that Makes you Smile (everyday).

Living in this day and age, it can be hard to do everything one adult has to do. Let alone doing something nice for ourselves. So, my challenge for you is to plan. Making a plan so we’re more than likely to do it. Make a mind map of all the things that make you smile, stick it somewhere you can see it and do something off it every day. Some of my things are listening to music, dancing, makeup, a costa coffee, seeing friends, smiling to people, watching the sunset, mediation or having a bubble bath. When we smile it sets off the happy hormones in our bodies. Go on! We only have one life make it a good one!

Thanks for reading, i would love to know what you thought, and if you tried any .

Stay fabulous

Charlie from Q Wellness

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CHRISTMAS has finally hit  Q Wellness HQ .

I absolutely love christmas and certainly everything it brings!

Love , Laughter,  Family and Time.

This christmas you can find some amazings packages to give you !!

So why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of these fabulous packages because we like to give !

At Q Wellness HQ you can find a Christmas raffle and a lucky dip!


Gift Certificates are available in store or digital. just message me for more details .

Q Wellness will be taking appointments up to 20th of December 2019 and will be returning 6th january 2020!

Furthermore let’s talk BLACK FRIDAY QWellness will be offering a great deal on gift certificates.

Also this month brought us national kindness week which i took the opportunity to launch my donation clinic on 25th november 2019! This will be taking part on my last working monday if the month

If i don’t get to see you before Merry Christmas!

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I’m super happy to announce that I am now qualified in hot stone massage !

And now offering it as a upgrade to any massage booking!

So what is hot stone massage  I hear you say ?

Hot stones a deep relaxing massage using hot stones.
These basalt rocks are heated to a temperature that the body can enjoy.
To contrary to popular belief the massage is actually given using the hot stones. I have learnt specialised techniques to be able to provide a massage that suit your needs, whether it is deep relaxation, pain management, or even deep tissue all can be achieved by adding hot stones to your massage today!

If this hasn’t already appealed to you !

Here’s my Top benefits of having a hot stones massage today

💆Can relieve muscle pain tension and even improve muscle relaxation

💆‍♂️Improves relaxation in the mind body and soul witch in doing so reduces stress & anxiety

💆The massage warms the muscles improving blood circulation allowing the body to release toxins

💆‍♂️Will help lower blood pressure which will help promote better sleep and reduce stress.

💆Will bring warmth and comfort to the body which can help relieve symptoms of arthritis or pain disorders.

So whether your next visit to me is to relax, fix that achy back or just recover from the gym add your one free upgrade of hot stones for free by Quoting “hot”.

T&C apply
Not to be used with any other offer. Can only redeemed against full priced treatment.   Otherwise wise a charge may occur. some medical disorders may be a contraindications.

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Why I just love Reflexology!
I love giving Reflexology as it is a truly relaxing unique Treatment.
It gives me an opportunity to help people in more than one way.
What is reflexology????
Reflexology is a foot massage that simulates pressure points that relates to different parts of the body.
The theory behind reflexology is to massage the reflexes points on the feet that are connected to the body. By doing so reflexologist is clears blockages  of the channels of the body.
To promote the bodies healing.
10 Benefits Reflexology
 👣 Boost relaxation
👣 Improves circulation
👣 Improves nerves to brain function
👣 Releases stress and tension
👣 Helps with PMS
👣 Can relieve pain across body
👣 Help with symptoms of depression and anxiety
👣 Can help symptoms of IBS
👣 Can help with insomnia
👣 Makes feet happy
If you have any questions about reflexology please contact me . Book your souls in for some loving
(Quote “reflexblog” to get 25% valid till 14th oct 2019 )

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To enter my August Competition head over to Facebook and tag your hero! 

Make sure to be the first to hear about my next competitions, but signing up to my newsletter, at the link below!

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How is your summer going so far?! I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of my lovely clients, and hear about their plans for the summer – holidays, weddings and trips away – as well as having some time to unwind and relax myself!

There are a few updates to share with you this month!

As you know, Q WELLNESS turned TWO recently, and my pricing has not changed in those two years. However, the cost of living as well as some of the products I use in the therapy room have increased, which has meant I need to amend my prices. The new pricing will take effect as of the 1st August. Any treatments currently in the diary until 1st September will be honoured at current prices, however new bookings made after 1st August will be on the new rates – however – if you make a booking with me before 1st August, you will still benefit from my current rates! If you are concerned that your booking may be effected, then please get in touch to discuss further.

I am also launching our Q WELLNESS HEROES Competition! More info on this soon!

Hope to see you in the therapy room soon!

With Love,
Charlie x

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As much as I love you guys coming to be regularly I would love it to be for relaxation purposes instead of for pain relief!

Here’s some hints and tips to help you look after your spine. So the next time you see me is because you want to rather than need to 😍

* Sleep tight !! * 
Your body needs a good night’s sleep to recover from the daily grind. 
Sleeping on your side is best.

* Stretch out *
Ever seen a dog or cat stretch out before moving after a nap?
Give it a go! Keeping flexible will maintain healthy joints. 

* Be active *
Keeping active keeps the blood flowing around the body. Keeping your spine mobile strengthens it and makes you less at risk of damage.

* Have a balanced diet *
Making sure you eat a rainbow of foods, will ensure your body is getting a wide range nutrients and vitamins, which is important to spine health. 

* Hydration *
Keeping yourself hydrated is important for spine health – each vertebrae has a cushion stopping them rubbing together and this is kept spongy with water. So drink up guys . (Actual water not tea or coffee)

Until next time! 

With Love,
Charlie x

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